Study In Ireland

The Republic of Ireland is the second largest island of the British Isles and is located in the North Atlantic sea of Western Europe.  With a shift in population from rural to city centers, its capital Dublin hosts over 1.173 million individuals out of the nearly 5 million people across nearly 100 towns within the Republic of Ireland.

Ireland Map


Dublin is a lively (particularly at night) town full of locals and tourists socializing in the pub or attending rugby and football matches! The Emerald Isle has plenty of walking tours and historic buildings such as Trinity College. 

Once out of Dublin, you understand why Ireland has been nicknamed the ‘ Emerald Island’. The lush greenery is truly magical. As an Island there are plenty of coastal villages and sandy beaches. Ireland also boasts 300 metre cliffs in Galway named the cliffs of Moher. With stunning scenic lookouts across waterfalls and historic sights, beautiful Killarney National Park is also a delight.

Spread all over Ireland are castles! Some are grand with gorgeous gardens, whilst most sadly have gone to ruin but are worth a visit if interested in history. The top three castles are Blarney Castle, Rock of Cashel and Kilkenny Castle.

Guinness the Irish Jig and Potatoes!

Guinness is an alcoholic drink originating in Ireland in 1759. It’s brewed from a dry stout flavored from malted barley. Not only consumed in pubs worldwide, Guinness is a pantry staple used to soften meat and drizzle over ice-cream!

Potatoes love the soil of Ireland and are credited to have kept many Irish individuals alive during the ‘Great Famine’ of 1845 – 1849. Today the Irish cook potatoes a hundred different delightful ways and are rich in nutrients.

The Irish jig is renowned for its lively music on violins (or fiddles) and straight backed, hands rigid dancers whose feet move in lightning speed gracefully and rhythmically. Irish pubs often entertain their guests with a roaring fire, plenty of Guinness and ale and a live band that invites ones feet to tap and jump to the sounds of old.


The island is divided into two. The Republic of Ireland in the south occupies 9/10th of the island and Northern Ireland or Ulster occupies the rest of the northern part of the island and belongs to the United Kingdom. 

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